The essence of wine



I met Lorenzo Corino through a mutual friend and winemaker, Riccardo Albani, in December 2012 in Saturnia (Maremma Tuscany). A taciturn man, of few but meaningful words, I immediately imagined him “sketching the hills with vineyards” in the land of his ancestors. Getting to know him better, and having the opportunity to experience the singularly: and breadth of his knowledge in the field of viticulture, it seemed logical to encourage him to start a blog that would serve as an “archive” of his philosophy and knowledge. First reticent, then more aware of the ever increasing interest raised by his article Lorenzo enriched his blog with numerous personal and professional insights, demonstrating, above all, a remarkable ability to make complex topics understandable b: the general public. This book aims to give organic form to what has been written up until now, October 2016, outlining his thoughts not only in reference to wine and the vineyard, but also more widely, to agriculture. The careful reader will re-discover other ways to understand our interaction with the Earth, without chasing -utopian dreams”, but always keeping in mind the economic sustainability of the farm.

Happy reading!

Antonella Manuli